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A History of Heritage

Written for English Heritage in 2013, “A History of Heritage” makes a welcome return. Following the story of how our attitudes to the preservation of the physical remains of our past has changed over the centuries, “A History of Heritage” takes a breakneck romp through history from the Stone Age to the present day to look at how important we have historically treated old buildings and monuments and how, at the start of the 20th century, Parliament had to intervene to protect our shared past and created the forerunner to English Heritage.

This fast paced show, with loads of quick changes and a feel of street theatre proved very popular when we performed it six years ago. It’s an incredible story of builders and demolishers, treasure makers and treasure stealers, antiquarians and self appointed experts and you, the public, looking for a nice day out. Join our three performers to find out about how the heritage of Britain was saved, as they recreate a cast of hundreds from our history, asking the questions we all want the answers to; “How do we preserve the past for the future?”, “What is the past worth?” and “Can we have a picnic here?”

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