Time Will Tell


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A Scroll Through Lynn

“We loved the play. I loved the play. We all sat in that room and really understood the history of Lynn in a fun, clear and dynamic way. The actors were superb as was the setting of that grandiose room with the portraits of Kings in it. Thank you so much”

Greg Hill, Headteacher of Howard Junior Academy, guest with pupils.

The Way to the Stars

I absolutely loved their touch with bringing the telescope "arm" down since that personifies a lot of the environment issue I suffer with (feeling out of place as everything seems supersized!)

The whole performance was well thought out, humorous and educational. The actors had obviously worked very hard to understand and portray some items which are not trivial.  They did exceedingly well, and I am sure you both paid no small part in this. I sincerely hope they found the Royal Astronomical Society a warm and welcoming venue, too.

Members of the RAS

Letters Home

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for praise for the wonderful "Letters from home" show that we were lucky enough to see at Dover Castle on Saturday afternoon. It was certainly an eye opener to one of the key aspects of the war that doesn't seem to get much attention elsewhere and was captivating and quite moving - I can't stop thinking about the gloves... We home school our children and you've inspired some activities for this coming week; we'll be asking them to imagine being a soldier in the trenches and write a letter home and also sending something the other way too - maybe have our son being the soldier and our daughter being the one left at home. We'll also have a go at making our own mini postal service to see if we can get letters to the right room in the house as efficiently as possible - nowhere near on the scale of the Home Depot but hopefully enough to help them understand the scope of things during the war.

Matt – FB

Great play once again by Time Will Tell at History Live! Certainly a favourite of ours when we see them.


You brought history alive today at History Live! Thank you so much. Hope to catch you again


If you are at Dover Castle today I heartily recommend this play



Thoroughly enjoyed your performance, yesterday. Excellent!

Stewart England FB

My family aged 5 - 68 had such a great time at Portchester and thoroughly enjoyed the Arrowstorm performance. Three actors, 100 years of history, and a super show

Grace M Stevens FB

Lovely to see the fab @TWTtheatre in action at Portchester Castle today


Great day at Portchester Castle @EnglishHeritage Loved your plays @TWTtheatre - Laughed a lot AND learnt a lot! :O)


Great Charter?

Just wanted to say how glad I am that we opted to see your Magna Carta Drama this morning at Wrest Park. The format is inspired, the lively performances made us forget the chilly weather and the interactive Confront-Defer-Avoid voting made the history real. Now, let's go hunting!

Bill and son Will (who despite his autism and short attention span happily spent 30 minutes voting along)

Absolutely brilliant performance, we loved it! :D

Rachel Fay FB

We saw you at Old Sarum yesterday. Excellent production which was both very informative and enjoyable. My kind of people - who love history and get the facts right!

Susan Wakefield FB

Loved the show at Warkworth this afternoon (learned a lot!)...will look out for you again in the future.

Julie Goldblatt FB

@TWTtheatre doing their brilliant play 'The Great Charter?' at Framlingham Castle


@TWTtheatre Really impressive performance of Magna Carta story at Warkworth Castle


@TWTtheatre @EnglishHeritage Well done, it was a very enjoyable show! I watched twice


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